Justin Jones

Justin Jones is a VFX Supervisor at OPSIS and primarily supervises feature film projects with a global team of artists across the world.  Before joining OPSIS, Justin was a supervisor at Tau Films and a partner at Hammerhead Productions in Los Angeles. Justin has worked on over 60 feature films, in which he held a supervising role on over 20 of those.  During the past two decades as he learned the ropes within the VFX industry he has worn many different hats, his interests lead him toward compositing, creative and technical leading, project management, and eventually supervising from concept to completion.

Justin has been involved with conceiving the look and feel of a project or an effect; working directly with producers, directors, and the studios to creatively solve challenges under strict deadlines and tight budgets. Justin is well known for collaborating with other creatives and leading teams of artists toward a unified vision, not only with his direction and leadership but also with hands-on experience creating systems and templates that artists utilize to achieve the desired look.

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